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Are you sometimes tempted to go back to an old way of living? Are you sometimes tempted to go back to old habits ? That’s exactly why we have this book in the New Testament called Hebrews. The term Hebrews is synonymous with the Israelites,. They may have been the original audience, however what they were facing is very much like what the average modern-day believer faces. Many believers struggle with the same problems as the Hebrew people did. We find it harder and harder to walk with God in a world that seems to be going against God in every way possible. The writer of Hebrews has one message for all of us: Don’t give up! Don’t turn back… keep going… stay strong in Christ! The question that must be answered is WHAT could any of us go back to? Jesus is superior to everything. In the Hebrew culture, Jesus is superior to angels. prophets, Moses, and the Law. In our modern-day culture,  Jesus is still superior!

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