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giving at sscc

Do churches just want my money? No, its not about YOUR money. Giving financially is one of the simplest ways we can worship and trust God. Because we teach that trusting God is a large aspect of faith, we challenge you to look with new eyes at the financial resources God has blessed you with. Do you ask how much of my money should I give to God or do you ask how much of God's money should I keep? How you answer that question will reveal how you see money. It's not about what the church wants; it about what you want. Who do you want to be in charge of your resources, you or the Lord? 

FYI, at SSCC we do not "pass the plate". This is our part in trusting God. Those who faithfully attend SSCC do give and so far, when needs have arisen, God has repeatedly provided. We do expect the membership of SSCC to support the church they call home. When the Bible speaks about money, we teach about giving but we don't focus on this issue. As a pastor, I am more concerned with people's heart and their place in eternity than their wallet. 

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