Are you staring up at a financial mountain or are you looking down in a relationship valley?  Are you overwhelmed by life?  What do you do in those impossible situations?

Some people expect God to just act in their lives, to just fix the problems.  But we have to understand that God responds to us  As we respond to Him.

When Israel crossed over into the Promised Land they were faced with an obstacle. They were faced with an impossible situation. In order to get into the Promised Land they had to cross over the Jordan River which was overflowing.

What did Israel do?
They knew God told them to go .. . so they went. This is where God responds to how we respond to Him. Once the men of Israel stepped out in obedience and in faith, God responded and all of Israel was able to cross over into the Promised Land.

When God is leading you don’t let obstacles stop you. Trust God for the impossible.

Want to overcome the impossible?
Obey the Lord and watch Him respond to your trust!