Rome/Greece 2020

Journeys of Paul

In November of 2020, Pastor Dave will be leading a Footsteps of Paul Tour through Rome and Greece with an optional cruise extension to Ephesus and Patmos, the island where John wrote the book of Revelation.

Walk where Paul walked through such sites as Thessaloniki, Philippi, Athens and Corinth. The tour will include sites such as the Krenides River, the site of Lydia's baptism and the Philippian Jail where Paul and Silas were imprisoned.

In Rome, you will see the Holy Steps, the very ones Jesus climbed in the house of Pontius Pilate only to see the Roman governor wash his hands of His blood. Martin Luther climbed these steps on his knees, a tradition still maintained today. You’ll visit the Mamertine Prison, the site of Paul’s Incarceration. Enjoy a walking tour through Baroque Rome's monuments, from the Trevi Fountain, passing by the Pantheon to Navona Square and of course you’ll visit the Vatican Museum and much more.

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