Building and Beyond




What if there was a safe place for families to gather and grow together? What if there was a place where broken marriages could be healed? What if there was a place that the heartbroken and weary could find peace and rest? What if that same pace offered words of encouragement and a clear understanding that forgiveness of sin and eternal life is something that all can have? That’s the kind of place I dream about. As Pastor of Standing Stones Community Church my prayer has always been that the Lord would allow this ministry to be a place where marriages could be healed. A place where lives can be changed, not just here on earth but for eternity. My heart is to be able to preach and teach Scripture in a way that one is challenged, encouraged and most importantly able to understand it in proper context so that they can apply God’s Word to their everyday life. Our focus here at Standing Stones is to be a place “where strangers become friends and friends become family”. This is biblically how Jesus interacted with His disciples. He first called them servants, then He called them friends and finally He called them brothers. Being a family is not just a catchy phrase, it’s our heart! As we look to build a new building, the dream is not about a building it’s about what God can do through us with that new space! Let me ask you to pray for us and to stop by and become part of the family! In His Service, Pastor Dave